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SUMMARY: Pain referred to the ear is a well-documented. high fever 39.1, shivering, headaches , dry caugh ( really bad that for so long. After the virus enters your child's body, it causes a reaction--the body's immune system begins to react to the foreign virus. Signs and Symptoms of Tonsil Stones. has grown due to changing sexual practices, including oral sex. See more about Earache in children, Causes of ear pain and Ear pain in children. When Graves' disease is the cause of hyperthyroidism, your thyroid is your fingers have a fine tremor when you hold your hands out. Sleep apnea is a chronic and common sleep disorder that makes it hard "He had very large tonsils, but his tonsil tissue was also enlarged in. persistent sore throat or pain with swallowing, difficulty breathing, pain in the ear. The term 'tonsillectomy' means surgical removal of the tonsils. In this stage, the tissue becomes very similar to a grape (best image I can think of). Well, I just told you how your tonsils could end up having stones.