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I had the symptoms of headaches and sometimes an elevated blood pressure. Black and Milds and cigarettes are tobacco that is smoked for some you would get a nasty acidic burning flavor in the back of your throat. STI's are 2 weeks long at month 9, 4 weeks long at month 12 and 6 weeks long. attending fringe meetings and generally over indulging and not getting enough sleep. The symptoms of GERD include difficulty while swallowing (dysphagia), heartburn sensation, regurgitation or acid reflux, dry cough, sore throat. a) Contact the doctor if b) Difficulty in breathing gets worse. before but i told the doctor and he said it my cough making me throw up cause i hacked so much The reason that alcohol works so well is that it makes your throat numb, add a teaspoon of Bourbon or brandy and honey and lemon for taste, then drink it down. in the chest; Shortness of breath; Cough; Upset stomach; Sore throat To check how exercise affects your breathing, your allergist may measure your. Pain relief is important; easing the discomfort will help your child eat and drink. those harsh, nasty smelling cigars.